What panflute to chose ? ? ?

What panflute to chose ? ? ?

One of the big question is wich or what sort of panflute shall I chose ?
Manny famos panflutes are made i romania.
One of the great soloists of panpipes is Mr. Gheorghe Zamfir from Romaina, and that maby why many people think that the panflute’s motherland is Romania, and here you find the real thing….
BUT… That’s not the real storie. I know a panflute builder from Peru mr. Jeremy Sanc he make very nice panflute’s called Nomade panflutes, you can visit his facebook:
I have just bought one of his hand made panflute’s a 25pipe D1-G4 made of bambus from Peru, and when I get the panflute I will let you know how the panflute is… I’m sure it’s great..


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