The Electro-Acoustic Panflute

The Electro-Acoustic Pabflute

Here is a interesting thing more from Preda Panflutes.
Very often instrument players need to amplify the sound of their instruments.
The microphone sockets installed on the Panflute pipes do not affect (in any way) the sound of the instrument; therefore the Panflute may be used naturally, without any amplification. Together with these microphone sockets, we also recommend the use of the AKG WMS 40 PRO FLEXX GUITAR wireless transmitter which, together with a qualitative amplification system, offers the sound excellent fidelity. Using the wireless transmitter, the instrument player enjoys the freedom of movement, and what is most important, no unwanted acoustic reactions may occur (microphony).
You can se and read more on Preda’s website



Panflute player, musician
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