Only Panflute ?

Only Panflute ?

Yesterday I spoke with a man who asked me about panpipes was the only instrument I played. I answered him that it was not. I have most of my life played on piano / keyboard. I bought my first panpipes in 1990 in a shop in Copenhagen. It was a small pan flute made ​​of plastic, at the time I played on the ferry route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Oslo (Norway) with my band Fade In which today is a duo consisting Mona: saxophone, singing and keyboard and Alex: Piano, keyboard, pan flute, trumpet and singing.
My panflute of plastic I practiced on for a year after which I got my føste 22 tube of bamboo from China. wich I had a few of. They were made of very thin bamboo and did not last long.
Today, I use Romania panflutes from Preda which makes panflute playing of the day much easier.
Would you like then take a look at The website is unfortunately only in Danish.



Panflute player, musician
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